Social Network Analysis – Links between Neo-Assyrian Queens and Deities

lines connecting many big and small circles with heads in them

Social Network Analysis (SNA) is the mapping and measuring of relationships between people and/or other entities. For a tech summary see 

SNA has been used productively in Digital Humanities research. For a good summary of its use in the of antiquity, see Diane Harris Cline, “Six Degrees of Alexander: Social Network Analysis and Ancient History,” Ancient History Bulletin 26.1-2 (2012): 59-70.

I am collaborating on an SNA project with the Centre of Excellence in Ancient Near Eastern Empires at the University of Helsinki to identify relationships between Neo-Assyrian queens and the deities with which they were directly involved. The outcome of this project will help to determine whether queens traditionally had relationships with particular deities (and if so which ones, in which context), if the relationships changed over time, and if they differed or overlapped with kings’ divine relationships. We are extracting our primary data from cuneiform texts available in Oracc and other textual corpora.