(syllabi available on Academia)


Ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian Art, face-to-face & online (St. John’s and Pratt)

Ancient Greek Art (George Washington University)

Ancient Roman Art (George Washington University)

Art Appreciation, online (Purdue Fort Wayne)

Art in New York (FIT)

Asian and Pacific Art (St. John’s)

Cities and Civilizations: Art of the Ancient Eastern Mediterranean World (FIT)

History of Art I and II, Global, face-to-face & online (St. John’s)

History of Art I and II, Western (FIT and Pratt)

Islamic Art, face-to-face & online (St. John’s and FIT)

The Expression of Beauty in Ancient Art Seminar (Emory)

The Visual Arts/Art Appreciation, online (St. John’s)

Writing about Art, online (St. John’s)

World History of Jewelry Seminar (St. John’s)


3D Virtual Media and Museums, hybrid (St. John’s)

Cultural Heritage Seminar for Museum Administration, online (St. John’s)

Gardens and Landscape Architecture of the Non-Western World Seminar (Pratt)

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